My work, by format

Despite my best efforts, I am an academic. 

And the gold standard for academic research work remains the peer-reviewed journal article

However, peer review, as it presently exists, still needs to work on a range of issues: from its emphasis on sole authorship, to the idea of knowledge as “products”, with accelerated turnover, excessive metrification, and extortionate business models, to the epistemic effects of institutionalized racism, patriarchy, and colonialism.

I wish to prefigure a different approach to writing journal articles: to collaborate, to work with journals that make their work as accessible as possible, to work with journals of the Global South, to mock the metrics.

Book chapters

Talks and conference papers

My profile on Google Scholar.

I believe in public scholarship.

I come from the Philippines, which has a strong tradition of scholarship being public by default. Many of its best academics published mainly for the public, and I wish to draw from and continue this tradition. 

I have written comment and op-ed pieces that have been featured by ABS-CBN News and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. 

I had applied my research methods to journalism, in a collaboration with the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. 

I also enjoy creating maps and data visualizations.

I also believe that any form of expertise must seek to obsolete itself. 

To this end, I make a point of making accessible my methods, so that the work I do can be done by other people.

I also edit reading lists on themes of personal interest, both to make my own process transparent, and to draw attention to the work that informs my own.

Finally, I believe that there are limits to academia, as a way of being.

Academics must know how to tell stories. Academics must know how to play.

I have so far participated in one film. In my spare time I am developing a mod for the video game Civilization IV.

I am a work in progress.

I navigate these waters mainly by anti-polestars. This reflection on my work will change, as my intentions, and the world I wish to create, as I get a better bearing for where I am going.