Reading list: Manila

Manila reading list – 2017-08-29


This is a reading list about Manila, the Philippines. As with Manila, it sprawls, in dendritic and uneven ways, reflecting the interests of its author(s).

It considers work in/on urban, urbanizing, and in-transition lowland Luzon, the ribbon of desakota stretching from Lingayen to Lucena.

It also considers processes that are key to understanding Manila, circa 2017: disasters, exclusion, outsourcing, remittances, global production and reproduction networks, urbanization elsewhere in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, global South.

It will neither assume nor impose a clearly-defined boundary to Manila. Nor will it attempt to be the authoritative bibliography about Manila.

This reading list is maintained by Kenneth Cardenas, and is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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This list is open to contributions and revisions.

It is also open to conversations about what should be included in it (Fiction? Films? Secondary datasets?), and how these should be included (Annotations? Subject headings? Spinoff syllabi?).

It is less open to conversations about what shouldn’t be included.

If you would like to add resources (or your own work!) to this list, please do get in touch:
firstnamelastname at gmail.

Respect and gratitude for the inputs from Maria Khristine Alvarez, David Garcia, Sara Meerow, Benjamin de la Peña, and Kristian Saguin.


Inclueded Maria Khristine Alvarez’s additions.                      29 August 2017
A few corrections.                                                                 25 June 2017
A few new titles.                                                                   9 March 2017
Included Sara Meerow’s additions.                                        6 September 2015
Included Kristian Saguin’s additions.                                      17 June 2015


Make the reading list available in a database format, as per Benjamin de La Peña’s suggestion.